Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It's Been A While


So, it's been a while since I wrote a blog post. I do intend to get back to it, but at the moment I am without a computer of my own and without many of the photos I had taken or prepared for posting.. My poor laptop died on me a little while ago, and I haven't yet replaced it. So it may be a while yet still again.

I'm also in a bit of a rut, but I'm hoping doing some cleaning will help. I've not yet found a spot to take photos here that I like, but I must admit that there are still quite a number of boxes about. And really I'm not sure what I should take photos of. I did a very big wardrobe overhaul, which is still not really finished. I lost a lot of my patience for lolita fashion, and a lot of my patience with myself. I think this is a bit of a turning point, and I'm not really sure where I want to go. I guess at least I am somewhat in a position where I can decide that for myself, so at least I have that.

Maybe I'll write about that sometime, maybe I'll see where this blog goes. I always really try to write for myself and try not to be too apologetic about whether I hit a schedule or make readable posts.

I guess that I'll be back when I manage it; get a computer, find a good place for photos, decide what I'll even write here about. I'll still continue my Japan and About a Dress Posts, but other than that I'm not sure.

Until then!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Japan Diary Day 1

In the first weeks of December, Thali and I made our first trip together to Japan! I've done a little day by day diary of our adventures.

Our trip was for two weeks. We attempted to accquire tickets to the Angelic Pretty tea party but unfortunately we weren't successful. It was a bit of a shame, but we had a great time regardless!

We spent the first week in Tokyo, and the remainder in Kyoto/Osaka. I think next time we'll go for a little longer and give ourselves some more relax days (and maybe keep a day free for when one or both of us inevitably becomes ill!). The day actually coincides with the date (so day 1 was the 1st of December) so I'm not going write it for each, but in case you were wondering!

This was my 6th trip and Thali's 3rd trip, I think. My Japanese is rudimentary at best and I can muddle along, but I'm really grateful to my friends who helped me with double checking information (ily jordi and aviva). I used google maps for all our travel, since it's pretty extensively integrated with Japan's public transport. I have an excessive number of screen shots of gmaps instructions and well the actual map with markers. I don't think there was anything we looked for that we couldn't find.

Let's begin!

Some of my final haul. I needed a photo to start with since I didn't take many at all for this day.
Day 1 - Tokyo

Our flight arrived early in the morning on the 1st. We'd packed light, so we skipped over leaving our luggage anywhere and jumped on the Skyline. It was a few changes and jumping across lines and train companies, which is a great challenge when you've just gotten off a nine hour flight, but we made it to our first destination- Grand Bazaar in Shimokitazawa!

The store is really lovely and the shop staff were really nice. It was super quiet, and we mostly browsed alone. Thali was lucky enough to find JM's Royal Stripe midi skirt in green, and I picked up two cardigans. One was a lavender glitter cardigan from ETC that Thali had picked up and suggested to me, I dithered but I'm really glad I got it. I've already lost count of the number of times I've worn it. We picked up a few cakes on our way to the station that were super tasty. I think it would be nice to spend a bit more time in the area next time, but that it seems the kind of place that would take a while to get to know.

After Shimokitazawa, we jumped on a train back to Ikebukuro. We stayed with Panda Club in their nearby airbnb. It was super cost effective for the area, though would have been cramped for people not really used to small apartment living. We got into Ikebukuro just in time for check in! We took some time to relax and get rid of that gross I just got off a plane feeling and then went for a look around Ikebukuro~

Ikebukuro is a place that's very easy to get to know! There's a lot of signage and it's not too difficult to navigate. We looked in at Closet Child Ikebukuro and I picked up some accessories, and Thali a cute regimental skirt. We took dinner at Saizeriya and I won Thali a tiny puppy key chain in a crane machine. They've gotten really difficult! Saizeriya is a cheap eats kind of place. I don't know that they're great (and they got rid of the salad or added shrimp to it and I was sad) but if you want something cheap, warm and filling they're not too bad.

We poked our head into a chemist and picked up some make up and for our dessert, we celebrated our first night with parfaits at the Milky Way Cafe. Mine came with candles, given the number of things we did or almost knocked over it probably wasn't the best idea. We survived though, and headed home with our spoils ♥

Places of interest:

Friday, February 5, 2016

About A Dress: Angelic Pretty's Belle Epoque Rose

I'd like to introduce a small little series of blog posts I'd been thinking about writing. If you're interested in reading my thoughts about a specific piece from my wardrobe, please let me know and I'll put it to the top of the queue. The photos may be a bit of a mix, but here go's it.

Belle Epoque Rose was one of my first purchases last year. I ordered through Tenshi Shop as soon as the first tiny shots showed up in Kera, though I probably didn't need to as it took some hours for it to sell out online. I did score the candle with it too though! And though I couldn't get the post card, my dear friend Lizzy was able to get it for me from the France pop up.

BER is part of AP's lavender label line, and was a bit more expensive than the usual release at ¥32,184. With shopping service fees and EMS postage to Australia, this dress comes second in price in my wardrobe only to Cats Tea Party.

Stock Photo

Print: Belle Epoque Rose
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Colour: Pink
Release Year: 2015
Fabric: Printed Satin (100% polyester)
Condition: New
Arrived: April 2015
Stock Photo Accuracy: You tried

A lot of what I like about BER is in it's overall feeling, which is probably a bit sad to say with the section coming below. The print photographs well, has a lovely sweet feeling and is a little bit princess-y. The chiffon bustle back is the perfect detail (and will never require ironing!). Print wise, I love the delicate look of the lace overlay over what would otherwise be bare solid coloured parts of the print.

The mix of white lace and cream in the print can make coordinating with either a bit of a nightmare (my usual trick is to just do both together). It photographs best with white, since the cream tone can be easily eliminated, but in person it is definitely there. If you're a purist, you'll want nothing to do with this.

On the bodice there are two rows of ribbon lacing down the seams. If you look carefully you can see one is thinner than the other at the top, causing a small bubble in the fabric. The pink ribbon in the 'lacing', the three satin ribbons on the front are a warm pink, whereas the detachable ribbon atop the bodice is a similar cool pink tone to the prints colour, but is almost wildly fluro compared to it. 

The print. I've read before that people were upset with it's quality. And I have to admit, when I took my dress from it's box, I was a bit too. It's not an easy thing to photograph, and I think it contributes in the end to how well the garment does photograph but, it definitely lacks any crisp feeling. I'm not sure if its a design choice on behalf of AP, but it was a little bit of a let down to start with. In the end though I stopped putting my nose up to the fabric and stood back to appreciate it. I mention this more for anyone considering buying it's sake, as it might be a sore point for some people. I'm pretty unphased by it now though.

Another very small thing is that I think the lace is all rather generic? There's nothing special about the embroidery, which is okay just not very exciting.

 Click to see bigger!

Coordination Suggestions
For simple tastes; pink, white, cream, roses, ribbons, gold.
For something a little more interesting; dark green, mint, navy, black, dark pink. Vintage clocks, rocking horses and perfume bottles feature in the print and could be drawn in as a smaller motif for jewellery, or as an ambitious Marie Antoinette style hair piece for more OTT looks.

More of my Belle Epoque Rose coordinates here.

Care level
Delicate fabric, delicate trims. Take care with sharp jewellery, walks over rougher terrain and unkempt park benches.  I have only hand washed this piece so far. You'll want a clothes airer that you can lay the dress on to dry (in the shade), as hanging by the straps when wet will likely damage the garment.

Final Thoughts
I love this dress. It may seem a little silly given the large negative section above, but I really do. I'm not even upset about what I paid but it's definitely not a dress for everyone!


Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Wardrobe Post

 This is my 2016 wardrobe post

If you'd like to see any coordinates, theres a button on the side bar to your right. I didn't take many photos this year of myself wearing things. I think I wore it more than I think I did, but I started favouring mannequin shots a lot. I guess that has a lot to do with my self esteem this year. 

For the most part, anything new is toward the top of its section, and many of my new items were accquired approximately two weeks ago, haha. If you have any questions about anything, just ask. I've reused (and re-edited) photos from last year for a couple of pieces and large lot of my accessories. I'm not sure I sold anything personal this year, so there's only really been additions anyway.

I'll do a bit more of a retrospect in another post, since I did some goals last year and I'd like to do some more again. Thanks for looking!

 Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty

 Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty

 Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty
 Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty
 Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty

 Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty

 Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty

Some less Lolita pieces of interest.

 Emily Temple Cute - Shirley Temple
Peppermint Fox 
Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty
 Shirley Temple - Emily Temple Cute - Emily Temple Cute
 MagiCatStreet - Ank Rouge - Innocent World
 Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty
 All Offbrand
All Offbrand

 From this point on please ask if you're interested in where anything is from!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Wardrobe Goals

Last year I wrote three resolutions in my wardrobe post, I thought I would devote a post to that this year and include some new resolutions and goals! 

My resolutions for 2015 were:
1. Complete base sets (Headbow, Blouse, Bag, Plain Colour Tights, Shoes, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring) in focus colours. 
I'm on my way with a couple of colours, but I'm not sure it's bad that I didn't achieve this. Especially seen as I'm attempting to cut down colours.

 2. Accquire Belle Epoque Rose, Romantic Rose Letter and Lucienne Dream 
Two out of three isn't bad! And I actually managed to get a third dress from my wishlist that wasn't mentioned here.

3. Shop in Japan 
Hell yeah I did.

I think I really lost myself this year. I didn't wear it often, I wasn't really happy with what I would wear when I did and I've just felt generally really kind of crap this year. I want to get back to what made me happy in 2014. I think moving back into the city, and being a bit more active this coming year will really help with that.

I've been thinking a lot about what was different between 2014 and 2015 as well. I had a more limited colour palette usually, and I subscribed to a very basic way of coordinating. I think I spent too much time this year trying to be interesting, when I'm kind of not. I'm okay with not being interesting, I'd rather be consistent. And you know, happy.
Exibit A: Unaligned circles

I originally was going to start limiting myself to pink only from now on, but Japan showed me that I can't resist lavender and it's sometimes a much more wearable colour. I'm also going to let myself introduce black rather than the myrid other colours that are cool to coordinate with but aren't really me. Plus I really like black and pink and I've been holding myself back from it. No more.

I also narrowed down some motifs/themes that I really like. I just really like it when things are cohesive, although I think there's always going to be room for cute ponies and bears.

 I've also put together a conscise wishlist for 2016. There are a few other things (mostly greeny-blue coloured I noticed) that aren't here but I was being pretty strict. I saw a lot of pieces in Japan, some I realised I didn't like as much (Silky Lady), some I realised weren't really things I would wear (Melty Berry Princess) and others I realised I had a great need (Royal Unicorn and Sugar Dream Dome). I also want to add more pieces like the three I bought home with me (Maiden Ribbon Jacquard, Whip Jacquard and the unknown Shirley Temple Dress) that are cute, simple and wearable.

My goals for 2016:
1. Cross 3 pieces off my wishlist.
Pretty standard. I'm sure that one of AP's new releases this S/S will catch my eye though, so I'm pretending there's a blank space for it. I want those two blouses in every colour they come in, so if you see them...

2. Make more accessories and complete alterations.
I want to make more headwear or necklaces (things I wear most) and get started and finish alterations on Musee du Chocolat, Jewellery Jelly and possibly Shirring Princess and lately I've been thinking about Magical Etoile, too.

3.Wear lolita twice a month.
I would just like to wear my clothes more regularly, but quantifiable goals are usually more effective.

I want 2016 to get back to being more wearable, and just me wearing my stuff more. We'll see how I go.
My wardrobe post is scheduled to go up tomorrow. I went for a gallery feeling so I hope you like it!